At SCMP interview, our Seasoning bridal beauty philosophy

“When SCMP interviewed me about the winter trend of the bride(!!??), I replied that I’m not sure if we’re the right person to be interviewed, as we believe in timeless bridal beauty and customizing face design to reflect individuality. Surprisingly, SCMP changed their direction of article and quoted our Seasoning beauty philosophy as the headline 😉 Thanks to Rico of An Ant Capture, for being my mentor in rethinking the essence of a wedding/marriage in the past 10 years, thus supporting my bridal beauty philosophy, and for sharing his gifted photography here to visualize this belief.

Thanks to Carmen and Jennifer for sharing your photos and for representing our belief of a bride glowing from within to outside, shining your personality.”

Whimsical & Beautiful! Piaget Flagship Boutique Grand Opening

Had fun and was inspired at the Piaget flagship boutique grand opening in Mandarin Oriental, which was magically turned into a rose opera theater. Whimsical & beautiful! Thanks Nellie for inviting.

Enjoyed enhancing Nellie’s true glow through my brushes for her flagship shop opening at Mandarin Oriental tonight. Customized a jewel-inspired smoky eye palette and luxurious volumized effortless chignon hairstyle, for her jewelry event. An amazing journey to have met Nellie at my workshop few yrs ago, getting know each other deeper, mutual support when we all turned into a mom while passionate about our work.

After styling up Nellie, I dressed up and joined the adventure =)

Chic brush strokes of the wall illustration at the flagship boutique caught my eyes quicker than the couture jewelry collection which was exhibited in Paris 😉 Inspired by the abundance layers of vintagey Piaget rose petals all over. My favorite part of the night – The beats, the curve, the lines of flamingo. My heart almost jumped out. Beautiful & inspirational!!

Stunningly magical change of Mandarin Oriental main lobby into a Opera-like theater. Guess who’s at the head table?

Ended the long day, from my working running shoes & polka dots stockings into my champagne heels 😉

Charity Grooming Workshop for Cancer Survivors / Fighters

Together with Sprout Team, we carried out a volunteer grooming workshop for cancer fighters at Wong Tai Sin. We prayed that we can remind them that they are beautiful and deserve to be beautiful, bring them some positive energy, as they’ve been brave fighting the pain & gloom!

Surprisingly, they brought us positive energy and taught us the beauty of life!!! They thanked us for spicing them up with colors, but I thanked them for sharing with us their courage to live, to live fully!

Behind the prickly skin surface and scars, I rethink about true beauty, about shining soul behind those eyes.

Thanks Biebie and Freda for supporting the volunteer work, sharing this special journey with me that night!! Proud of Sprout Team!

We’re at InterCon’s exclusive Wedding Showcase on 4 Mar 2012

Seasoning has been very low key and quietly working with our passion in the past 10 years. Rarely we join this type of event, I accepted the invitation of InterContinental Hotel as I thought it’s fun and it’s also a recognition of our passion in the industry! Very excited to share with more people about our bridal beauty philosophy and unveil about our principles of work.

Pop by for some inspirations or just to say “hi” to us.

Click for detail in the link of InterCon’s “The Luxury Wedding Showcase”.

Corporate Grooming & Styling Workshop for BOC Group Life

Love this class! Very touched by the enthusiasm, positive attitude and energy of these young business executives. Enjoyed so much sharing with them on how to look professional while enhancing their own unique character / image. Very happy to see most of the trainees came with changes on their second session — newly trimmed hair cut, attempt of make-up and most importantly the positive attitude / motivation to look good and feel good about themselves! I believe the class has somehow inspired them to spice up their life with colors, beauty!