The Beauty of Strength and Softness

This reassures my passion & mission in Seasoning. 7 yrs ago, I first met Joanna at my make-up workshop & she has blossomed from an intern lawyer. 2 yrs ago, she excited called me about her wedding & Joanne of Sprout Team helped her bridal styling beautifully, while I was ‘sitting moon’. 3 weeks ago, she excitedly shared with me her plan for her maternity photoshoot makeup styling at my hubby Rico’s studio. They’re revisiting Rico’s studio since her prewedding shoot ( Love receiving calls for good news from our Seasoning community;)

Amazing to have enhanced Joanna’s glow through my brushes, styling with her existing pants of Dries Van Noten & existing scarf/tubes which have been part of her for years.

Being a very loving father himself who wakes up in the middle of midnight for his son, Rico had captured Joanna’s mixed emotions of joy & anxiety, hope and excitement as a mom-to-be through this photography. Proud of you, as my husband & my son’s father who taught me about LOVE and as a photographer who shoots with his full heart and Love.

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