Corporate Style Journal – Stephen, landscape architect – ii

After the previous post of our chat with Stephen, we talked more about male accessorizing to personalize image:

4.  Can you share with us your favorite accessories which represent yourself?

Pocket Square.

Fun socks. This is the only place to put colors on my business suit look.  Believe it or not, I’m kind of color blind, so I avoid colors on my main suits but bravely bring colors to my socks.

Medic Alert, it’s a bracelet which carved what I’m allergic to in case of accident.

Mole Skin note book with a gold book mark. Yes it’s a sentimental accessory on top of its functionality to record my rough sketches.

Work shoes. There’s a joke in Britain that the dad teaches daughter to choose husband based on what shoes he’s wearing. How much he looks after his shoes may reflect how he’ll look after family.


Caroline loves his vintagey Mulberry leather bag, which enhances Stephen’s personality on either his business or casual looks.


5. Any recent best buy?

A pair of leather shoes from Loding. Recently found this men’s wear shop of French background which sells handmade shoes at a very reasonable price.

6.  What’s your key cosmetic/skin care products? Or do you bring anything along with you?

No cosmetic/skin care products at all, as I believe rough is beauty. Ha! ha! (Caroline: Might not agree as we preach about taking care of skin at our male grooming class ;P)


(Special thanks to the photography by Rico at An Ant Capture studio,

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