Corporate Style Journal – Stephen, landscape architect – iii

After the previous post of our chat with Stephen on personalize image and male accessories, we talked more about male hair styles and source of inspiration on styling.

7. Which is your favorite hair salon? Your regular visited salon?

Hair Corner.  I believe it’s worth investing with a good hair stylist (Caroline: Can’t agree more!).  I prefer female hairstylist (with a smile), because female stylist seems to pay more attention to detail and consistency.


8.  What’s your favorite hair styling products?

Gatsy Rubber for my current hair style.

9.  What’s your priority of time or investment that you allocate to hair, skin, outfits?

I put the highest priority with keeping myself in shape and healthy.  Love jogging (Caroline: Yes I bumped into you at jogging track) and swimming.

10.  How do you enhance your style? Inspiration source?

I love watching street scenes in London and Paris.  People are just nonchalant but with thoughts.  Sounds funny but I love reading the book “Esquire – Book of Style” which you can find from Page One.



(Special thanks to the photography by Rico of An Ant Capture studio )

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