Corporate Style Journal -Edwin, Senior Manager Mutual Funds Marketing

I’m always impressed by Edwin’s expressive colors and textiles at his outfit when I bump into him and Grace at their favorite café a few times.  I first met Edwin through Grace when I did Grace’s bridal styling on their wedding 7 years ago.

1.  How do you describe your style, specially working in a US background company with smart casual dress code?

As my role is in creative marketing solution for customer experience, I would like to project myself as an energetic and passionate person who makes people smile and getting people believe in me.  Very inspired by Italian sartorialists, I wear lots of bright summery colors which are not conventional in Hong Kong, like lime green, orange, and sky blue.  Working in an US background investment management company with a smart casual dress code, I wear lots of comfortable shirts and pants at work, though I personally prefer to “over-dress” on the flight during my business travels for a privileged treatment (not sure if he’s joking ;P).

2.  Where do you normally shop for outfits? Any favorite shop?

I like Hackett for its UK heritage and Italian slim cutting.  I also love to add a twist of Italian touch with Harmount Blaine.  Burberry Black Label (found in Japan) is also my favorite.  I will go for Giorgio Armani for the very traditional pieces.

3.  As you’re a frequent business traveler, how do you pack your business outfits?

I always go with a business suit, 2 white shirts of different texture, 1 pink shirt, 2 sets of cuff links, and 1 tie per day of business trip.


4.  Can you share with us your favorite accessories which represent yourself?

My headset “Beats” is one of my favorite accessories which I wear to enjoy music while I am on the way to work.  I love watches from Oris, Baume & Mercier.  I like cuff links from Kent & Curwen with that heritage touch, while I like fun cuff links too.  Inspired by European culture and had studied and lived in UK, I prefer non-black leather shoes and go for Italian “Borgioli”

For ties, I have personal preference on pink color, or gold/brown color with white pattern.




5.  What’s your key cosmetic/skin care products? Or do you bring anything along with you?

I carry a young heart every day which I believe is my best cosmetic (smiling with his signature smiles again).  I am a lazy person that I sometimes use my shampoo from hair to my face (huh?!).


6.  How you enhance your style? Inspiration source?

I love travelling and shopping with my wife Grace.  I was so inspired with our travels from seeing the sartorialists in Italy to the fun playful new discoveries in Korea.


(Special thanks to the photography by Rico at An Ant Capture studio,



Corporate Style Journal – Amanda, architect – ii

To continue our previous chat with Amanda, a young architect who attracted my eyes when I was on a bridal make-up hairstyling work in London last May.  Let’s hear more about her favorite accessories and beauty views.

6.  Can you share with us your favorite accessories which represent yourself?

Any accessories in gold!  My nose stud was made from London (Very subtle but becomes part of Amanda). I sometimes wear very basic pearl earrings and I like lace detail.  (Caroline: Very interesting contrasting elements which create chemistry on Amanda)

And my favorite watch “Arne Jacobsen for Rosendahl”


watch photo from Amanda

watch photo from Amanda

7.  What’s your key cosmetic/skin care products? Or do you bring anything along with you?

Thick eye line is my favorite and has been evolving to obsessive thicker line after years.  I use “Tony Moly” eye liner.  I prefer bold red opaque lip color and I like Bobbi Brown lipstick for its long lasting effect.   I tone down lip color when I’m with work outfit.  I always use Urban Decay eye primer.  I don’t visit facial salon and simply use pharmacy brand Physiogel for my skin care.

8.  Which is your favorite hair salon? What’s your favorite hair styling products?

Il Copo.  I perm my hair to bring more volume as I wish to slimmer my face, ha ha!  I use “Powerpoint” hair clay on my wet hair and let it air-dry naturally (and lazily) which created the rich texture.  I sometimes use the curling cream from Loreal Professionel

9.  How do you enhance your style? Inspiration source?

I am inspired by architecture, graphic arts.  I love visiting Osage and other galleries in industrial building in Kwun Tong and Wong Chuk Hang.

(Special thanks to the photography by Rico at An Ant Capture studio,

Corporate Style Journal – Amanda, architect – i

My eyes were attracted by Amanda, when I was on a bridal make-up hairstyling work in London last May, as she’s one of the fashionably edgy guests of our bride G.  I can see her confidence of who she is and of what she loves.

1. How do you describe your style, as I seemed to see your 2 extremes? How do you incorporate into your role as a young architect?

I’d try many things and varieties.  For weekends, I love vintage pieces which are happily colorful and patterned.  For work, I go for timeless basics and structured silhouette in neutral colors like black/white/grey/navy, especially if I’m meeting client and would like to look not too young in the field.



2. Where do you normally shop for outfits? Any favorite shop?

For vintage, I love to hunt at Beatniks at Peel Street, at Brick Lane in London and some vintage shops in Korea.  For basics, I go to COS and even go to Uniqlo for men’s knit.

I like the jeans from Topshop as its “Joni” cutting of the pant ends is just perfect to me.

Of course, how can I miss my favorite shop EDIT (This is the cool niche fashion select shop owned by our bride G whose wedding had connected Amanda and me).


(Suit jacket from EDIT, Sheer Shirt from Topshop, boots from YSL)

3.  How do you carry vintage dress or personalize it?

I love contrast- like wearing a parka military jacket with vintage dress.  I always bring vintage dresses for travel – as they can be conveniently rolled-up in the luggage and their colors are happy for travelling.

4.  Which outfit cutting or color is your favorite?

I’ve already counted my short height as my identity (Caroline: I just love her sense of humor and embracing who she is).  I used to choose dress with a shorter cutting in front as to conceal my short height and not to expose my arms/legs so that I look slimmer, but I now don’t care much and just wear what I love. (This is the twinkling confidence I saw in her eyes!)

I enjoy any color, but specially like navy.

5.  Any recent best buy?

My navy folder clutch bag of Chanel, with quilt lining & floral inner lining.

My Stubbs and Wooten loafers.

To be continued…


(Special thanks to the photography by Rico at An Ant Capture studio,

Charity Styling-Portrait Exhibition for Human Trafficking awareness

Thanks to many friends/Seasoning community who came to the preview at Fringe Club on an Amber storm night 11 May. This featured 6 women survivors of human rights abuse which Caroline and her hubby Rico styled and photographed in Cambodia, to raise awareness on human trafficking and severe rights abuses in Asia and to raise funds for Hagar in support their recovery.





At last, our wish that these 6 women survivors’ voice be heard is accomplished through this exhibition.  Thanks to SCMP, Baccarat, Ming Pao Daily, Milk Magazine, and a few radio/tv broadcast.   Thanks to Melissa and Priscilla of Hagar, Vivian of our Sprout Team, Christine, Tim, Germaine and many friends to make this possible.

See the SCMP video interview link at

Honored that Christie’s supported auctioning of the 3 limited edition portrait albums of our charity project.
For friends who missed the exhibition but want to support this heart-aching issue, you can still buy the books on line – Click here. All proceeds go to Hagar’s survivor recovery.

“BLOOMING” A Professional Make-up Stylist Apprentice Program – Open for Application.

“BLOOMING” was started in 2007 to pass on Seasoning’s mission and Caroline’s skills to people who shared the same passion.  Under this program, 17 have been trained since 2007.  Some are now working independently as professional make-up stylists, while some joined our Team, bringing our beauty philosophy to brides in HK, Italy and Bali.  Now, it’s our yearly opening for applicants who wishes to explore this profession and Caroline aims to spot out the next apprentices to keep spreading the Seasoning seeds!  The program is inspired by Caroline’s experience with brides in the past 15 yrs and her experience at designing professional program for international cosmetic brands and her training background from London, Paris and Tokyo.


Blooming I “Bridal Beauty”

12 Lessons of Make-up Topics: Detail to be sent by enquiry (1 to 1-2 teaching/coaching from Caroline, for 12 classes, 2-3hr/class).

+On site training:  5-8 wedding/portrait sessions as observer on brides, bridesmaids/moms (+15hrs on site training, +20hrs after-class exercise)


Blooming II. “Bridal Hair”

Extended course from Blooming I. Detail to be sent by enquiry.


If you’re interested, email to arrange a preliminary meeting to see if both our mission/visions fit (Caroline will SELECT ONLY 1-2 trainees for this year 2015).

Seasoning, as InterContinental Hotel’s exclusive wedding partner in 2015

Seasoning is very honored to announce that we’re chosen by InterContinental as one of their curated collection of 14 exclusive brands and the city’s top wedding specialists for their wedding couples to experience exclusive benefits. And we’re the only bridal make-up hairstyling company in their list!

Thanks to our whole team for helping your mentor Caroline keep spreading the seeds of our passion and our mission in bridal styling.

Thanks to Caroline’s hubby Rico for always supporting and trusting her vision/passion since the very beginning more than a decade ago!