“BLOOMING” A Professional Make-up Stylist Apprentice Program – Open for Application.

“BLOOMING” was started in 2007 to pass on Seasoning’s mission and Caroline’s skills to people who shared the same passion.  Under this program, 17 have been trained since 2007.  Some are now working independently as professional make-up stylists, while some joined our Team, bringing our beauty philosophy to brides in HK, Italy and Bali.  Now, it’s our yearly opening for applicants who wishes to explore this profession and Caroline aims to spot out the next apprentices to keep spreading the Seasoning seeds!  The program is inspired by Caroline’s experience with brides in the past 15 yrs and her experience at designing professional program for international cosmetic brands and her training background from London, Paris and Tokyo.


Blooming I “Bridal Beauty”

12 Lessons of Make-up Topics: Detail to be sent by enquiry (1 to 1-2 teaching/coaching from Caroline, for 12 classes, 2-3hr/class).

+On site training:  5-8 wedding/portrait sessions as observer on brides, bridesmaids/moms (+15hrs on site training, +20hrs after-class exercise)


Blooming II. “Bridal Hair”

Extended course from Blooming I. Detail to be sent by enquiry.


If you’re interested, email caroline@seasoning.hk to arrange a preliminary meeting to see if both our mission/visions fit (Caroline will SELECT ONLY 1-2 trainees for this year 2015).