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My eyes were attracted by Amanda, when I was on a bridal make-up hairstyling work in London last May, as she’s one of the fashionably edgy guests of our bride G.  I can see her confidence of who she is and of what she loves.

1. How do you describe your style, as I seemed to see your 2 extremes? How do you incorporate into your role as a young architect?

I’d try many things and varieties.  For weekends, I love vintage pieces which are happily colorful and patterned.  For work, I go for timeless basics and structured silhouette in neutral colors like black/white/grey/navy, especially if I’m meeting client and would like to look not too young in the field.



2. Where do you normally shop for outfits? Any favorite shop?

For vintage, I love to hunt at Beatniks at Peel Street, at Brick Lane in London and some vintage shops in Korea.  For basics, I go to COS and even go to Uniqlo for men’s knit.

I like the jeans from Topshop as its “Joni” cutting of the pant ends is just perfect to me.

Of course, how can I miss my favorite shop EDIT (This is the cool niche fashion select shop owned by our bride G whose wedding had connected Amanda and me).


(Suit jacket from EDIT, Sheer Shirt from Topshop, boots from YSL)

3.  How do you carry vintage dress or personalize it?

I love contrast- like wearing a parka military jacket with vintage dress.  I always bring vintage dresses for travel – as they can be conveniently rolled-up in the luggage and their colors are happy for travelling.

4.  Which outfit cutting or color is your favorite?

I’ve already counted my short height as my identity (Caroline: I just love her sense of humor and embracing who she is).  I used to choose dress with a shorter cutting in front as to conceal my short height and not to expose my arms/legs so that I look slimmer, but I now don’t care much and just wear what I love. (This is the twinkling confidence I saw in her eyes!)

I enjoy any color, but specially like navy.

5.  Any recent best buy?

My navy folder clutch bag of Chanel, with quilt lining & floral inner lining.

My Stubbs and Wooten loafers.

To be continued…


(Special thanks to the photography by Rico at An Ant Capture studio,

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