Corporate Style Journal -Edwin, Senior Manager Mutual Funds Marketing

I’m always impressed by Edwin’s expressive colors and textiles at his outfit when I bump into him and Grace at their favorite café a few times.  I first met Edwin through Grace when I did Grace’s bridal styling on their wedding 7 years ago.

1.  How do you describe your style, specially working in a US background company with smart casual dress code?

As my role is in creative marketing solution for customer experience, I would like to project myself as an energetic and passionate person who makes people smile and getting people believe in me.  Very inspired by Italian sartorialists, I wear lots of bright summery colors which are not conventional in Hong Kong, like lime green, orange, and sky blue.  Working in an US background investment management company with a smart casual dress code, I wear lots of comfortable shirts and pants at work, though I personally prefer to “over-dress” on the flight during my business travels for a privileged treatment (not sure if he’s joking ;P).

2.  Where do you normally shop for outfits? Any favorite shop?

I like Hackett for its UK heritage and Italian slim cutting.  I also love to add a twist of Italian touch with Harmount Blaine.  Burberry Black Label (found in Japan) is also my favorite.  I will go for Giorgio Armani for the very traditional pieces.

3.  As you’re a frequent business traveler, how do you pack your business outfits?

I always go with a business suit, 2 white shirts of different texture, 1 pink shirt, 2 sets of cuff links, and 1 tie per day of business trip.


4.  Can you share with us your favorite accessories which represent yourself?

My headset “Beats” is one of my favorite accessories which I wear to enjoy music while I am on the way to work.  I love watches from Oris, Baume & Mercier.  I like cuff links from Kent & Curwen with that heritage touch, while I like fun cuff links too.  Inspired by European culture and had studied and lived in UK, I prefer non-black leather shoes and go for Italian “Borgioli”

For ties, I have personal preference on pink color, or gold/brown color with white pattern.




5.  What’s your key cosmetic/skin care products? Or do you bring anything along with you?

I carry a young heart every day which I believe is my best cosmetic (smiling with his signature smiles again).  I am a lazy person that I sometimes use my shampoo from hair to my face (huh?!).


6.  How you enhance your style? Inspiration source?

I love travelling and shopping with my wife Grace.  I was so inspired with our travels from seeing the sartorialists in Italy to the fun playful new discoveries in Korea.


(Special thanks to the photography by Rico at An Ant Capture studio,