Headshot Styling Workshop – J.Crew x Seasoning x An Ant Capture

Great honor for Caroline to lead the guests to discover more about headshot styling from hair, makeup to outfit styling and to work with the J.Crew team and the photography team of Rico Tsui at An Ant Capture.  Thanks to Seasoning Sprout Team for the great support to the touch-up/styling tweak station before Rico’s team click the headshot trial.

At IFC J.Crew shop, Caroline and Rico and J.Crew team sharing headshot tips with the guests from different professionals – finance, doctor, marketing.

At J.Crew The Men’s Shop, Caroline and Rico and J.Crew team sharing headshot tips with the guests from different professionals – finance, lawyer, architect, doctor.

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Corporate Style Journal -Wensty Wong, Make-up Stylist and Ex-Marketing in Eye-wear Fashion – ii

To continue our previous chat at her favorite café N1 with Wensty, a former marketing specialist in eye-wear fashion and now a make-up hairstylist of our Seasoning Sprout Team.  Let’s have a sneak peek of her cosmetic kit and hear more about the source of her inspirations.

6. Any recent best buy?

Eye brow pencil “K Palette, 1 Day Tattoo” from a pharmacy in Kyoto, which is super long lasting specially for oily skin like me.  A pair of Ayako Ceramic earrings from a little shop during my travel in Kyoto.

7. What’s your key cosmetic/skin care products? Or do you bring anything along with you?

Loose Powder to stay fresh with my oily skin.  I use By Terry Densiliss powder or Shu Uemura pressed powder.  I prefer berry color lipsticks instead of pink or nude, to go well with my honey-tone skin complexion.  Lip balm from Aroma Quotient. (Caroline’s favorite lip balm too!)

8. Which is your favorite hair salon?

Hairpeace in Tsim Sha Tsui.  Aveda for my hair coloring.  And I sometimes explore my hair perm in Seoul, as my girls’ trip and very impressed by the personal touch of the services in their salons like leaving me a personal memo.

9. How you enhance your style? Inspiration source?

Many things inspired me from Instagram of different nationalities – Maye Musk (an ageless lady with elegant silver hair), Irene Kim (Korean pop), to international model 劉雯, to novel of 村上春樹/Gone Girl, to sports like hiking and Thai boxing.  A special journey that I keep on discovering my potential, my beauty and confidence!

(Special thanks to the photography by Rico at An Ant Capture studio, www.anantcapture.com)


Corporate Style Journal -Wensty Wong, Make-up Stylist and Ex-Marketing in Eye-wear Fashion – i

Wensty whom I met at our regular workshop many years ago and then turned into one of my proudest apprentices/mentees and now our Seasoning Sprout Team make-up hair stylist, always attract our eyes on her care-free fun attitude towards her own styling with a twist of her own very unique character. 

 1.      How do you describe your style, as you changed from a marketing person in eye-wear fashion into a make-up stylist?

My style is ever-changing.   I enjoy exploring myself, the variations that I could carry.  I can go from sporty, laid-back, serene to minimal and comfy styles to fit my different roles.  For my frequent business trips previously and travels, I may wear comfy from sport pants/shoes to more serene professional look for meetings.  As a make-up stylist, I prefer to blend in and not to be too stand-out in my client’s event, yet looking stylish.  For friend’s dinner, I may wear red lips to stand-out.  Since my discovery in Seasoning self-interest class “Beauty Journey I” before I explored professional apprentice class, I had enhanced my confidence and become happier, which leads to beauty.  It is indeed a cycle, like what Seasoning always believes. 


 2.      Where do you normally shop for outfits? Any favorite shop?

I’m very open to shops, but I looked on the textile and material.  I understand my body silhouette to be broad.  I could explore from shops like COS, Giordano Ladies, Marks & Spencer to Max Mara.  I also love to treasure hunt in little boutique that you will never imagine – like COMMA in Quarry Bay, little shop in Sha Tin 好運中心 or even Kwun Tong, though I’m very strict with my investment of designer’s shoes.  I hunt my broche from a vintage shop in Bangkok “Apistique-Vintage” in Chatuchak weekend market.


3.      You’ve shown your talent in packing your make-up hair kit (yes super organized) when we go out-job.   What are your tips on packing your outfits for your business trips and travelling?

For business trip, I prefer hand-carry luggage and packed minimal, with perhaps 1 spare day of outfits just in case there’s a delay of flight.  For leisure travelling (Italy is her favorite hiking trip), I packed my hiking gears and drawing kit, refined shoes for fine-dining and a denim shirt. 

My friends described my packing of luggage in “compartments” approach.  With my 2-sided suit case, I flatten my outfit on 1 side to minimize folds, while I put other stuff on the other side. 


4.      Where do you invest most on your outfits?

Shoes!  I like comfy yet beautiful shoes.  I found TOD’s loafer/oxford shoes very comfortable yet with many variations.  I also like Roger Vivier ballerina shoes.   Though I also owned a quirky twist of Thai slippers.


 5.      Any favorite accessory which represents you?

A watch passed from my mom, which my dad gave her as present when she gave birth almost many decades ago, but she doesn’t use it now as her eyes can’t see the tiny watch well.


Caroline will chat more about Wensty’s beauty regime and her source of style inspiration in the part ii.  Stay tuned!

(Special thanks to the photography by Rico at An Ant Capture studio, www.anantcapture.com)