Beauty Journey “Your Restart”

MAKE-UP WORKSHOP PROGRAM—for self-application

Beauty Journey “YOUR RESTART”

“A fresh restart.  Caroline will talk about her new insights & revolutionary approach of nontoxic clean ingredient cosmetics and makeup trends!”

Module 1: Glowing Base and Face Dimension 
i.  Glowing Skin and Foundation Basics

-Guiding you to choose the right foundation and powder (color shades, coverage, texture)
ii. Glowing Cheeks and Face Dimension

-Coaching you on how to enhance/slimmer your face dimension through usage of blusher / highlighter /

contour, specially when videoconferencing

iii. Lip Color pick
iv. Knowledge of non-toxic clean ingredients cosmetics and Makeup Trends

Module 2: Eye Makeup and Brows Update, with Mask On
i. Daily Eye Make-up

-Understanding your eye features

-Updates on eye lining, eye shadow color palette and technique

-Your healthier option of mascara and technique
ii. Eye Brows Makeup

-Understanding your eyebrow balance

-Guiding your choice of eyebrow make-up tools and products
iii. Knowledge of non-toxic clean ingredients cosmetics and Makeup Trends

Fee List:

  • Module 1 or Module 2: HKD 1,800/person, 1 module, 3hr/class, max 4-6 persons.
  • If taking 2 modules together, HKD 3,200/person.
  • You may take up the minimum cost of the whole class (HKD 7,200) if you’re forming a private group of 4 people or less than 4 people for each module.

How to join:

Tell us your choice of module(s).  For availability and registration, please contact us at 

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