Beauty Journey “Surprise”- Enriching Autumn 2021

Beauty Journey “Surprise” – Enriching Autumn 2021 

“Caroline will update about Color and Makeup Trends of Autumn 2021, with her special guests the talented floral artist and the founder of clean skin care studio in San Francisco.”

Module A: Autumn Wreath Workshop with The Grey Green

Teacher:  Maggie Mak, Floral Artist/Co-founder of The Grey Green

Date: 25th Sept (12:30pm-2:30pm OR 4:00-6:00pm)

As passionate advocates on decorative floral arts and design, The Grey Green always believe in celebrating this joyful season with a touch of warmth and creativity. A relaxing floral workshop to create your very own Autumn wreaths, or giving this as present to your loved ones!

* Design a one-of-a-kind handmade ornament

* Use of fragrant fresh flowers and leaves

* Dried flora make for long-lasting wreaths

* Gain professional flower arrangement tips and tricks

Module B: Autumn Color and Eye Makeup Trends

Teacher: Caroline, Makeup Styling Director/the Founder of Seasoning

Date: 2nd Oct (Sat, 2:30-5:00pm)

i.Color and Makeup Trends

-Inspirations from the floral artist Maggie, the Co-founder of The Grey Green

-Updates on colors and makeup trend

-Personalizing Your Autumn Color Palette

ii.New Smokey Eyes

-Monochromatic Smokey Eye blending technique, from fresh daily look to glam-up palette

iii. Enriched Lips, when unveiling mask

-Update of Lip tips for a bit of celebration in this joyful season.  Your choice of lip colors.

iv. Knowledge of non-toxic clean ingredients cosmetics and Makeup Trends

Module C: Autumn Skin Care and Glowing Base  

Teacher: Caroline, Makeup Styling Director/the Founder of Seasoning

Date: 8th Oct (Fri, 7:00pm-9:30pm)

i.Balance and Purify Your Skin, under transitional weather

– Talk to Caroline and to Athena in San Francisco, the renowned facial therapist/founder of clean skin care studio “Monastery Made”, and unveil their purifying and balancing skin journey

– Knowledge of non-toxic clean ingredients cosmetics and skin care trends

ii. Autumn Glowing Skin and Foundation

– choose the right foundation and powder (texture/color shades / coverage) to embrace the transitional weather from humid hot to cool dry

iii. Joyful Radiant Cheeks

-Personalizing your autumn color palette, for this joyful festive season


  • Module A: HKD 1,380/person, 1 module, 2 hr/class, max 6 persons
  • Module B or C: HKD 1,800/person, 1 module, 2.5hr/class, max 4 persons.
  • If taking 2 modules together, less HKD 200/person. If taking 3 modules together, less HKD 300/person
  • You may take up the minimum cost of the whole class if you’re forming a private group of 4-6 people or less than 4-6 people for each module. Contact us for detail.

Venue: Seasoning Studio, Room 302 Ivy House, 18-20 Wyndham Street, Central


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