Online Styling Consultation

Your personalized unique styling journey, via FaceTime!”  

 “Sharing a new pair of eyes for new angles on your wardrobe.  It feels like you just went shopping but in your closet.” ~~~Caroline

 What is ONLINE Personal Styling Session (1-to-1):

  • Pre-appointment, Caroline will personally help you analyze your personal features(your beauty and strengths), your needs/challenges and your existing wardrobe to have a sense of the work.
  • During FaceTime appointment, Caroline will enhance your “regular” items with her unique ways to wear the items you already have. It seems that you just went shopping but in your closet.
  • Then follow by email of shop-able links of the key items that you’re really missing, with personalized tips on styling.

Choices of Modules:

A. Work Wear

  • Finding the Key Items that you will need and help enhance the personal image that you wish to project in your profession
  • How to create a professional yet personalized image
  • Tips on work outfits for the new norm (Work-from-home, more video-conferencing, or simply planning outfits for your professional headshot)

B. Weekend/Leisure Wear

C. Holiday/Travel Wear

D. Special Occasion Wear (e.g., attending a wedding, a special party)


Fee List:

For Pre- appointment consultation + FaceTime Styling Session (1 hour): HKD 1,500.

For Pre-appointment consultation + FaceTime Styling (1 hour) + Links:  HKD 2,000.

For booking 2 modules of FaceTime Styling Session, HKD 2,900, 2 hours


How to join:  Tell us your choice of modules (any combination from Module A to D).  You propose a schedule and we’ll check availability.  We will guide you and send you the link on how to connect to this online session.   Please call us at 2526 1866 or email to check availability.

Headshot Styling Workshop – J.Crew x Seasoning x An Ant Capture

Great honor for Caroline to lead the guests to discover more about headshot styling from hair, makeup to outfit styling and to work with the J.Crew team and the photography team of Rico Tsui at An Ant Capture.  Thanks to Seasoning Sprout Team for the great support to the touch-up/styling tweak station before Rico’s team click the headshot trial.

At IFC J.Crew shop, Caroline and Rico and J.Crew team sharing headshot tips with the guests from different professionals – finance, doctor, marketing.

At J.Crew The Men’s Shop, Caroline and Rico and J.Crew team sharing headshot tips with the guests from different professionals – finance, lawyer, architect, doctor.

See more in the video links:

Corporate Grooming & Styling Workshop for BOC Group Life

Love this class! Very touched by the enthusiasm, positive attitude and energy of these young business executives. Enjoyed so much sharing with them on how to look professional while enhancing their own unique character / image. Very happy to see most of the trainees came with changes on their second session — newly trimmed hair cut, attempt of make-up and most importantly the positive attitude / motivation to look good and feel good about themselves! I believe the class has somehow inspired them to spice up their life with colors, beauty!