Beauty Journey Surprise – Grateful Christmas 2021

“Caroline will update about party makeup hairstyling tips, while her special guest the talented floral artist The Grey Green will inspire you with bespoke Christmas Tree for your home styling.”

Module A: Christmas Tree Making 

Teacher:  Maggie Mak, Floral Artist/Co-founder of The Grey Green

Date: 26th Nov (Fri 10:00am-12:00pm OR 6:30-8:30pm)

As always, we believe Christmas is the time of the year to share joy and create memories. With great pleasure and delight, our handcrafted Christmas pine, unlike regular Christmas trees, are decked with a mixture of vine, willow branches and all the jollies.  Each carefully curated pine is uniquely shaped and arranged to take on a natural silhouette.  Tree Size: 50cm tall

Module B: Party Makeup Hairstyling -Get Ready!

Teacher: Caroline, Image Styling Director/the Founder of Seasoning

Date: 4th Dec (Sat, 2:30-5:00pm)


  • Party Makeup & Hairstyling Trends

-Updates on makeup and hair trends

-Getting ready – planning your styling mood board/color palette for your party style

  • Glam Smokey Eyes Updates

– Mastering Smokey Eye blending technique

-The balance of glitz/shimmer and texture

  • Hairstyling Updates

-Ideas for your party hair styles

-Quickie Party Hairstyling tips

  • Knowledge of non-toxic clean ingredients cosmetics



  • Module A: HKD 1,480/person, 1 module, 2 hr/class, max 6 persons
  • Module B: HKD 1,800/person, 1 module, 2.5hr/class, max 4 persons.
  • If taking 2 modules together, less HKD 200/person.
  • You may take up the minimum cost of the whole class if you’re forming a private group of

4-6 people or less than 4-6 people for each module. Contact us for detail.

 Venue: Seasoning Studio, Room 302 Ivy House, 18-20 Wyndham Street, Central

Corporate Style Journal – Stephen, landscape architect -i

Stephen used to work next door to our studio while I was amazed by his passion in grooming. Not surprise to see he’s our first guest to be interviewed at our new “Corporate Styling Journal”. Hope their views inspire you, looking good and feeling good at your profession too.

1.  How do you describe your style? How do you incorporate this into your role?

I’ll say “classic with a subtle modern twist”. Having spent childhood in UK, I was very influenced by the British style – formally suited, understated but take care of their grooming, know the dress rules but break a bit of it. I like the Gatsby style, their well groomed hair and tailored suit. My friends know that I make sure my hair gelled well even I go for groceries.

As a landscape architect, my outfits reflect my pursue of attention to detail. You’ll see subtle detail in my button hole or pocket square or a glimpse of color in the inner lining of the jacket to express my inner rebellion. As a relatively young architect, I would make use of outfits to enhance my profession, specially when I’m facing more serious clients like government or urban plan authority.

Apart from my role as an architect, I play music band after work which I still wear shirt but with a twist (Not necessarily what we imagined of a band guy). After all, I believe style is still about the attitude, reinforcing one’s character.

2.  Can you describe your work outfit? off-work outfit?

With my love of suit jacket, I use it as my base for my work and weekend outfits.

For weekend, I dress my suit jacket down with t-shirt, jeans, or even shorts and flip flop, which I observed this leisure style in the streets of Europe during weekends. I hate wearing sport pants or sneakers as fashion, and I believe they’re only for sports. I still go for suit-cut shorts with casual cotton textile with a twist of detail and pair it with white canvas loafer, if ever I’m wearing shorts during weekends.

For weekday, I wear different shades of navy color suit the most formal color in business dress code, as opposed to black color suit which is supposedly for funeral wear. I love using accessories like classic tie and pocket square, be it “James Bond” sleek fold or “Churchill” fold to lift my professional business suit look with a twist. I think it is a little investment but enhance one’s image so much and project your attention to detail.

3. Where do you normally shop for outfits? Any favorite shop?

As I’m very obsessive with suits and especially like the 60s slim cut, I go for tailor to customize for me.   I can’t accept the funky suit jacket like the Korean pop, too short to cover the bum. I sometimes go for Paul Smith, specifically the Japanese product line which fits Asian body proportion, and AllSaints and let the tailor fine tune the fit for me. So I mix the tailored and non-tailored outfits. I specially like the “改衣站” as this traditional old tailor impressed me with his dedication of studying the skills & cut of Italian brand.  I go for “Cuffs” to customize my shirts to get them fitted perfectly.

to be continued…

(Special thanks to the photography by Rico at An Ant Capture studio,