Mom-to-be in Jil Sander navy tube

Shining mom-to-be in Jil Sander tube. Have always been impressed by Carmen’s very good sensitivity to fashion specially her pick of wedding dress 2 years ago, I was again allured by her pick of her usual navy Jil Sander tube during this shoot. I enhanced her effortless beauty and stylish flair with just a clean glow of skin and then a touch of fushia stained lips to contrast the block of navy color. Thanks to Rico who used to photoshot her wedding, for sealing the chic Carmen with her excitement of motherhood in this photography (

The Beauty of Strength and Softness

This reassures my passion & mission in Seasoning. 7 yrs ago, I first met Joanna at my make-up workshop & she has blossomed from an intern lawyer. 2 yrs ago, she excited called me about her wedding & Joanne of Sprout Team helped her bridal styling beautifully, while I was ‘sitting moon’. 3 weeks ago, she excitedly shared with me her plan for her maternity photoshoot makeup styling at my hubby Rico’s studio. They’re revisiting Rico’s studio since her prewedding shoot ( Love receiving calls for good news from our Seasoning community;)

Amazing to have enhanced Joanna’s glow through my brushes, styling with her existing pants of Dries Van Noten & existing scarf/tubes which have been part of her for years.

Being a very loving father himself who wakes up in the middle of midnight for his son, Rico had captured Joanna’s mixed emotions of joy & anxiety, hope and excitement as a mom-to-be through this photography. Proud of you, as my husband & my son’s father who taught me about LOVE and as a photographer who shoots with his full heart and Love.

You may read more about his wisdom, love and passion in photography in

Chic Yummy Moms Party

It’s been a dream to get together with Seasoning gals, who turned to be new moms. In this party, Ulrika, one of our Seasoning brides/workshop students in 2006, now become a very good friend has shared about her hand-made baby goodies with us. On the other hand, I shared about beauty tips for pregnant and new moms. Women power. Mutual support to each other’s dreams/passion, to remind each other to keep blossoming!