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My eyes were attracted by Amanda, when I was on a bridal make-up hairstyling work in London last May, as she’s one of the fashionably edgy guests of our bride G.  I can see her confidence of who she is and of what she loves.

1. How do you describe your style, as I seemed to see your 2 extremes? How do you incorporate into your role as a young architect?

I’d try many things and varieties.  For weekends, I love vintage pieces which are happily colorful and patterned.  For work, I go for timeless basics and structured silhouette in neutral colors like black/white/grey/navy, especially if I’m meeting client and would like to look not too young in the field.



2. Where do you normally shop for outfits? Any favorite shop?

For vintage, I love to hunt at Beatniks at Peel Street, at Brick Lane in London and some vintage shops in Korea.  For basics, I go to COS and even go to Uniqlo for men’s knit.

I like the jeans from Topshop as its “Joni” cutting of the pant ends is just perfect to me.

Of course, how can I miss my favorite shop EDIT (This is the cool niche fashion select shop owned by our bride G whose wedding had connected Amanda and me).


(Suit jacket from EDIT, Sheer Shirt from Topshop, boots from YSL)

3.  How do you carry vintage dress or personalize it?

I love contrast- like wearing a parka military jacket with vintage dress.  I always bring vintage dresses for travel – as they can be conveniently rolled-up in the luggage and their colors are happy for travelling.

4.  Which outfit cutting or color is your favorite?

I’ve already counted my short height as my identity (Caroline: I just love her sense of humor and embracing who she is).  I used to choose dress with a shorter cutting in front as to conceal my short height and not to expose my arms/legs so that I look slimmer, but I now don’t care much and just wear what I love. (This is the twinkling confidence I saw in her eyes!)

I enjoy any color, but specially like navy.

5.  Any recent best buy?

My navy folder clutch bag of Chanel, with quilt lining & floral inner lining.

My Stubbs and Wooten loafers.

To be continued…


(Special thanks to the photography by Rico at An Ant Capture studio,

Charity Make-up Styling – for Human Trafficking awareness


‘Haven’t been so distracted since I’ve makeup styled for more than 14 years, while I brushed on their face at every stroke, while I touched them.  How did they step out from the painful past and darkest days(or years) from human trafficking and severe human rights abuses? They truly shine!!!’~~~Caroline


The portraits of the makeup styling for the 6 strong women from our trip in Cambodia last Aug will be shared with you for the first time.  We will update you the detail of the coming exhibitions in Hong Kong and London.

Thanks to Rico of An Ant Capture for photography.  Thanks to Hagar, an international NGO for inviting Seasoning to this project.

Thanks to Vivian of Sprout Team for assisting Caroline’s makeup hairstyling.  Thanks to Fan and Christine for all the love and help during our trip to Cambodia


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