Style Journal – Carmen Wong, former handbag developer/teacher and now a mom – ii

To continue our previous chat at her home with Carmen, a former handbag developer/teacher and now a mom whom I did her bridal make-up styling few years ago.  Let’s hear more about her styling at different roles and her holistic beauty views.

6.  How do your outfit varies at your different roles/occasions?

With friends and without kids party, I take the chance to have fun dressing up, or go for something sexy, but still comfortable.  To me, sexy is not just what you wear but being a fun person on how you smile, you speak.  With the thought of someone is admiring you, you’ll strike your best (I totally agree with her theory and giggled on how good she put them in words!).

With kids or school activities, I go for something I feel comfortable but still enjoy being dressy, confident and appropriate –from sport wear to leather skirt with trainers or 4 inch wedges. (Both being busy moms we think that it’s sad that many moms who gave up styling herself, though we know how challenging it is to balance).



7.  What’s your key cosmetic/skin care products?

Have always used Maybelline mascara and always carry a lip balm on me.

Lip gloss, lip velvet rouge of By Terry.  Lash extension on special occasions.

Skin care is Cle de Peau.  I use day and night cream, occasional mask (but often forgotten).

8.  Which is your favorite hair salon? What’s your favorite hair styling products?

I’ve been visiting my favorite hairstylist Jose at his private salon “Face Salon”.  He knew my hair best and I don’t even need any hair styling product.

9.  I heard that you are into essential oil for home remedy. Can you tell us more?

For non-emergencies, like for headache, I love using peppermint diluted oil. Or for congestion, I love using lemon + lavender + peppermint diluted oil on foot sole and back of neck.



10.  How you enhance your style? Inspiration source?

Fashion shows of my favorite designers.  If I’m bored with my existing wardrobe, I’ll think of what to play with things on hand.  Sometimes the result surprisingly became the next trend 😉  I’m aware of the trend, I don’t follow the trend but I don’t avoid the trend.

Net-a-porter.  I browse at it almost every night (good to hear a bit of private personal interest time for a mother).  As I said I used my old collection from different years to mix and match.  It’s about the vision!


(Special thanks to the photography by Rico at An Ant Capture studio,

Style Journal – Carmen Wong, former handbag developer/teacher and now a mom – i

Carmen whom I did her bridal make-up styling 2-3 years ago, is one of my most impressive brides, as we share lots of similar likes for beauty, style and fashion.  Her choices of wedding dresses, simple wedding format, and every detail I agreed to the closest, after seeing hundreds of wedding in the past decade.  Visited her at home for some girly chat on style.

1. How do you describe your style, as you changed from an English teacher, fashion handbag developer and now into a full time mom?

I never follow trends and always go for timelessly modern style.  As I changed role into a full time mom, I now go for something simple and easy to pull on.  I still stay true to my unique self- I love short skirts (yes I didn’t give up my love of short skirt even when I’m going to my daughter’s playgroup), but perhaps wearing less accessories.  Quality over trends.

2.  Can you share with us your favorite accessories which represent yourself?

Good posture- accessory that I don’t have to spend time putting on.  (Indeed Carmen’s elegance comes from her posture, her gaze, her hand gesture when she talks, which is her very “signature”). I have a habit of tensing up my abs since my elementary years and even enhanced as I’ve practised yoga along the years.


Used to be a big fan of good scarves, wraps and great earrings and necklace.  Now I would only accessorize for events or special occasions. I love textured cashmere and its draping.


3.  Where do you normally shop for outfits? Any favorite designer as I know you enjoy keeping an eye to runway updates?

Not a follower of trends even though I often am able to see new trends coming.  Love for quality and craft.  Most of my pieces are brought in the past 10 years when I was still working.  Don’t buy much these days (as a full time mom), I shop from within my own existing wardrobe and go online to add an update.  Adding a “now” attitude or a touch of current fashion trend (Agree with Carmen that it’s about the imagination!)  Since I love quality I would rather buy a quality piece than get 20 pieces of disposable fashion.

4.  Any fashion item that you put the most proportion in shopping/investment?

Shoes with refined design.  I love high heels.  I gave way a bit to Wedges when I became a mom. I love heel design from Marni, Prada and Dries Van Noten.  The only sport shoes I recently got is Alexander McQueen white sneaker which wider back slimmer the ankle sexily, and I was chased by passers-by few times to check what its brand when I was in the street of New York.

5.  Any recent best buy?

Love my wide-legged pants from “OmniGod”. I found this tiny store in Osaka and I just love their linen and denim pants (Yes I saw Carmen wearing them and I was allured by its comfy “zen” cutting).

A square pants from Zucca.  Black lace-up high heels from a new designer I discovered in New York.


(Special thanks to the photography by Rico at An Ant Capture studio,