Corporate Style Journal – Stephen, landscape architect -i

Stephen used to work next door to our studio while I was amazed by his passion in grooming. Not surprise to see he’s our first guest to be interviewed at our new “Corporate Styling Journal”. Hope their views inspire you, looking good and feeling good at your profession too.

1.  How do you describe your style? How do you incorporate this into your role?

I’ll say “classic with a subtle modern twist”. Having spent childhood in UK, I was very influenced by the British style – formally suited, understated but take care of their grooming, know the dress rules but break a bit of it. I like the Gatsby style, their well groomed hair and tailored suit. My friends know that I make sure my hair gelled well even I go for groceries.

As a landscape architect, my outfits reflect my pursue of attention to detail. You’ll see subtle detail in my button hole or pocket square or a glimpse of color in the inner lining of the jacket to express my inner rebellion. As a relatively young architect, I would make use of outfits to enhance my profession, specially when I’m facing more serious clients like government or urban plan authority.

Apart from my role as an architect, I play music band after work which I still wear shirt but with a twist (Not necessarily what we imagined of a band guy). After all, I believe style is still about the attitude, reinforcing one’s character.

2.  Can you describe your work outfit? off-work outfit?

With my love of suit jacket, I use it as my base for my work and weekend outfits.

For weekend, I dress my suit jacket down with t-shirt, jeans, or even shorts and flip flop, which I observed this leisure style in the streets of Europe during weekends. I hate wearing sport pants or sneakers as fashion, and I believe they’re only for sports. I still go for suit-cut shorts with casual cotton textile with a twist of detail and pair it with white canvas loafer, if ever I’m wearing shorts during weekends.

For weekday, I wear different shades of navy color suit the most formal color in business dress code, as opposed to black color suit which is supposedly for funeral wear. I love using accessories like classic tie and pocket square, be it “James Bond” sleek fold or “Churchill” fold to lift my professional business suit look with a twist. I think it is a little investment but enhance one’s image so much and project your attention to detail.

3. Where do you normally shop for outfits? Any favorite shop?

As I’m very obsessive with suits and especially like the 60s slim cut, I go for tailor to customize for me.   I can’t accept the funky suit jacket like the Korean pop, too short to cover the bum. I sometimes go for Paul Smith, specifically the Japanese product line which fits Asian body proportion, and AllSaints and let the tailor fine tune the fit for me. So I mix the tailored and non-tailored outfits. I specially like the “改衣站” as this traditional old tailor impressed me with his dedication of studying the skills & cut of Italian brand.  I go for “Cuffs” to customize my shirts to get them fitted perfectly.

to be continued…

(Special thanks to the photography by Rico at An Ant Capture studio,

Seasoning at InterContinental Hotel Luxury Wedding Showcase – Part II

Caroline is honored to be exclusively invited by The InterContinental Hotel Luxury Wedding Showcase to share about her views with the brides. Guests said that they’re enlightened by the tips of personalizing their bridal looks, after Caroline’s sharing at the workshop at InterContinental Hotel. We’re just unveiling our unique bridal beauty philosophy and “couture” approach of Caroline which we truly believe and quietly persistently putting passion at it in the past 12 years.

Our apprentices shining at InterContinental Hotel Luxury Wedding Showcase

Our 3 new apprentices of 2013 batch – a Human Resources management background, a finance marketing background and a architect background, prove their handwork and strong dedication to pursue their passion in make-up styling profession! They deserves the opportunities to participate and to expose to these exclusive wedding professional talents from the top florists to wedding gown shops as invited by this InterContinental Hotel Luxury Wedding Showcase. Having a real taste of the industry and applying what they have learnt from our Professional Mentorship Program. Seasoning is making sure the seeds survives, the mission extends.

Seasoning at InterContinental Hotel Luxury Wedding Showcase – Part I

Honored that our Sprout Team was invited by the InterContinental Luxury Wedding Showcase 2014 to make-up style the models of the showcase. Thanks to Sprout Team for the amazing team work on the execution of the new bridal looks. Thanks to Caroline for customizing the face designs for this event and for training and orchestrating the team!

A workshop alumnus. An inspiration.

Thanks to Nellie for inviting to her Piaget’s Couture Preciuse gala dinner! While Nellie always said how much she learnt from our makeup workshop, we said she also inspired the Seasoning community with her balance of her career, her pursue of faith, of beauty and her role as a respectful mama (now 2nd bb).  A blessed encounter at Seasoning!!

Inspirations for wedding / bridal – Turning an unexpected venue into your dream theme or a theme that meant something to you couple. The whole “LOBBY” of Peninsula (first ever) was magically transformed into a Parisian museum of Haute Joaillerie & a Parisian mansion. The loooong table was romantically filled with different shades of white flowers (yes white in different shades and shapes!), every dish of food was like an art piece (and yummy of coz!). Contrasted with contemporary band of music & with rows of transparent Philip Starck chairs.

Mom-to-be in Jil Sander navy tube

Shining mom-to-be in Jil Sander tube. Have always been impressed by Carmen’s very good sensitivity to fashion specially her pick of wedding dress 2 years ago, I was again allured by her pick of her usual navy Jil Sander tube during this shoot. I enhanced her effortless beauty and stylish flair with just a clean glow of skin and then a touch of fushia stained lips to contrast the block of navy color. Thanks to Rico who used to photoshot her wedding, for sealing the chic Carmen with her excitement of motherhood in this photography (

Bridal Styling Workshop with InterContinental Brides – Part II

Caroline unveiled more about our customized bridal styling approach with InterContinental Hong Kong’s bridal clients, to help brides reflect their individuality. She also shared about her tips for bride’s true glow and her views on product technology trends with the press interview.

Thanks to the photos taken by Rico of

Bridal Styling Workshop with InterContinental Brides – Part I

Seasoning co-hosted bridal styling workshop with InterContinental Hong Kong, Trinity Bridal and Solomon Bloemen. Had so much fun with this chemistry!

Make-up hairstyling for the Oscar de la Renta Spring 2014 bridal collection preview

Seasoning’s Sprout Team is honored to be the make-up hairstyling team for the Oscar de la Renta Spring 2014 bridal collection preview.  Inspired by Oscar’s new collection, Caroline customized a make-up design of neutral palette with a touch of “fairy” peachy pink shimmer and an air-light dreamy hair bun. Thanks to Sprout Team for the lovely execution of the looks.  Great to learn about the bridal styling insights from the stylist of Oscar de la Renta who flew from New York.  Specially love the air-light sprinkle of silvery embroidery on the gown.

The Beauty of Strength and Softness

This reassures my passion & mission in Seasoning. 7 yrs ago, I first met Joanna at my make-up workshop & she has blossomed from an intern lawyer. 2 yrs ago, she excited called me about her wedding & Joanne of Sprout Team helped her bridal styling beautifully, while I was ‘sitting moon’. 3 weeks ago, she excitedly shared with me her plan for her maternity photoshoot makeup styling at my hubby Rico’s studio. They’re revisiting Rico’s studio since her prewedding shoot ( Love receiving calls for good news from our Seasoning community;)

Amazing to have enhanced Joanna’s glow through my brushes, styling with her existing pants of Dries Van Noten & existing scarf/tubes which have been part of her for years.

Being a very loving father himself who wakes up in the middle of midnight for his son, Rico had captured Joanna’s mixed emotions of joy & anxiety, hope and excitement as a mom-to-be through this photography. Proud of you, as my husband & my son’s father who taught me about LOVE and as a photographer who shoots with his full heart and Love.

You may read more about his wisdom, love and passion in photography in